Statement of Service

Included in the price of every fixed-fee package from PTA National and International Process Servers is a professionally compiled statement of service.

PTA Process Servers understand the importance of providing the highest possible standard of proof of service reports.

Each one of our agents is fully experienced in creating clear and concise reports, which are thoroughly checked by an in-house team of writers to ensure compliance with national and international legislation.

Sworn Affidavits

Our team works closely with agents to produce and collate sworn affidavits when necessary and all of our agents can prepare and submit high-quality written declarations under oath.

We pride ourselves on completing affidavits and reports with the highest possible attention to detail and in strict accordance with CPR guidelines.

For convenience and speed of service, we return all certificates of service, reports and affidavits via post, dedicated DX box, or by delivery in person.

Make sure you’re never again let down by low quality reports or affidavits – call 0845-340-2933 to instruct PTA National and International Process Servers to serve your documents today.